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The centenary commemorations are over, but the legacy of the Great War, 1914 – 1918, still resonates. British historian, Adrian Gregory, explains: ‘It is both shocking and refreshing to read Christopher Moore’s memoir of his First World War obsession … He states, in a way that shows more imaginative empathy with the people of 1914 than any number of histories and novels: “War is bad. Peace is good. But sometimes you have to fight.”’ – The Last Great War’, Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Praise for Trench Fever

‘This is one of the best books on the First World War I have ever read – and I’ve read hundreds. By eschewing the military overview – generals, politicians, strategy, numbers – Christopher Moore takes us on a personal odyssy to find Walter, his grandfather; to find out what it was like for him in order to try and experience it for himself. He fails, of course, because so little is left, but as a cross between a fly-on-the-wall-documentary, history and a detective story, this book gets as close to experiencing it as you’ll get. Absorbing, fascinating and moving. As good as Sebastian Faulk’s ‘Birdsong’ for taking you there and showing you as it is – or was.’
– K Mansfield, Amazon 5* Review

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