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Greg Dyke was paid a lot to look after the BBC but he preferred playing the clown. He capered into a punch-up with the government and fell flat on his face.

Praise for Greg Dyke

‘There are two sorts of people who are obsessed with the BBC: those who truly hate the corporation, and those who work for it. Just occasionally, in the great Venn diagram of life, you will encounter people who fall into both groups …’
– Review by Marcus Berkmann in the Daily Mail.
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‘In 2012, journalist Chris Moore left the BBC after more than 30 years of loyal service. During his time at the Beeb he endured organisational change, time-wasting executive ‘initiatives’ and the constant merry-go-round of HR procedures. Moore also lived through the glory days of Greg Dyke, one of the most controversial and charismatic figures in the corporation’s history. This compelling story offers a diary-style insight into his working life under the Director-General, who eventually resigned in 2004 following the Hutton Enquiry. As Moore writes, ‘My only contribution to his downfall was to survive it …’
– Interview on the Telegraph’s Bookshop space.

‘Scathing and funny. Comes with an impressive glossary of BBC jargon but the frustrations the author expresses so amusingly about clueless management apply to many a large organisation. Very entertaining.’
– Jackie Roper, Amazon 5* review