These books are written from the conviction that there can be few places more interesting than a newsroom but I might be wrong about that because, all round the world, newsrooms areheading for extinction. Ours spoke for decades and the whole world listened. I didn’t know, when I started taking notes, that I’d be writing an epitaph.

Book 1: Grey Dyke, My Part In His Downfall

Book 2: Trashing The Train Set

Book 3: Going Gone, How Newsrooms Die


Praise for the Trilogy

‘The latest and best-written in a series of  memoirs chronicling the recent history of the BBC …’ The London Review of Books.

‘Frank and funny … Scabrous and hilarious …’ Daily Telegraph.

‘There are two sorts of people who are obsessed with the BBC: those who truly hate the corporation, and those who work for it … Chris Moore’s often hilarious diaries suggest that  it drove him halfway round the bend … I’m hoping that there are more volumes of these wonderful diaries to come …’ Daily Mail.

‘Every organisation has its ethos (how it works) and its pathos (how it feels) … World Service news felt violated. Moore was awkward, but was he wrong? Throughout, he does not hesitate to name names in what becomes his personal long gallery of BBC shame, with pride of place given to the director general, Mark Thompson …’ British Journalism Review.

Going Gone Launch

‘Unforgettable’ – The Journalist