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I binged so you don’t have to.  The result is this historical critique of the first thirteen episodes of the Netflix television series The Crown.

One of the many people fictionalised in the series is Eileen Parker, whose husband, Mike, was Prince Philip’s first private secretary. As Eileen’s ‘ghost’ I helped her tell her story in a memoir called Step Aside For Royalty. Now, decades, later, I re-purpose her insider knowledge of the British royal court, 1947–1957, to test the authenticity The Crown’s 21st Century take on the subject. Specifically, I  match particular scenes and characters in The Crown with Eileen’s recollections of the same events.

By relying on  eyewitness testimony (and cross-checking the chronology) The Crown and The Book provides a reality check for tv viewers too busy to sift fact from fiction for themselves.

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